Foot Cream Virgin Butter

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Got some nasty, neglected feet in need of an all natural revitalizing boost? Perhaps it's time to try basting them in some Virgin Butter Foot Balm. This organic butter packs an antibacterial, antifungal boost that will restore and heal and get you back on your feet.

Made from virgin coconut oil* beeswax* tamanu oil* neem oil* olive oil* tea tree essential oil* peppermint essential oil* and vitamin E.

Available in either a 4 oz or 8 oz glass jar.

Apply your Virgin Butter Foot Balm as often as you'd like, though we suggest at least once a day. This butter will take some time to fully absorb into your feet's skin, leaving your precariously slippery. We suggest covering your feet in socks after liberally applying your foot balm. 

Please note that your foot balm will stink. Tamanu oil and neem oil are powerful cleansers and healers that are powerfully odoriferous. You'll know your foot balm is working because you'll smell it working!