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Our Baby Face organic facial moisturizer uses some of Mother Nature's greatest gifts to skin care. Featuring organic argan, rosehip, evening primrose, and pumpkin seed oils, this deeply moisturizing, organic blend uses natural oils and pure essential oils that are traditionally believed to restore and maintain youthful radiance, smooth out fine lines and wrinkles, and reduce scarring.

This beautiful blend of amazing organic oils is designed to help you get just a bit closer to that initial state of skin perfection: the baby face.

Made from argan oil* rosehip seed oil* evening primrose oil* pumpkin seed oil* apricot kernel oil* kukui nut oil, palmarosa essential oil* geranium essential oil* ho wood essential oil, clary sage essential oil, lavender essential oil* and vitamin e.        *certified organic

Available in either a 1 oz or 2 oz amber glass dropper bottle.

See what our Amazing Customers are Saying

"LOVE LOVE LOVE this face oil! it soaks right in and can even wear it under makeup! So happy I found ES!!"

"absolutely amazing for my sensi skin. literally so smoove and beautiful upon waking up in the morning"

"So happy to find this shop! Very fast shipping! The oil smells so lovely. Last night was the first time using and I can’t believe how soft and hydrated my skin felt and how plump it looked this morning. Update: It has been one week since I started using this... I’m truly amazed! The fine lines above my lips and my crows feet are noticeably disappearing and my face has never looked so smooth. My search is finally over and I’m ready to toss (or give away) all of my creams & moisturizers since I’ve finally found THE BEST product ever for my face. Thank you ES!"

"Once I discovered this hydrating facial oil, it became an integral part of my daily routine. Thank you Empire Squid, for your super-fast shipping!"

"This is yet another of Alexander and Stephanie's amazing and carefully researched skincare products. I have been loving this company and their "holy grail" skincare products for years and they are consistently outstanding! Their prices are wonderful for the very high quality of materials they use and even better when you order the larger size. This company is the best!"

"Perfection! Always love the face oils from here, but this has been the best so far!"

"This arrived really quickly, and the packaging was great! The box is personalized with the same type of art as the listings and the bottle was carefully and neatly wrapped inside. This is going to be a great Christmas gift and I won't have to do much other than wrap it! I will definitely purchase more from this shop in the future."

"First time customer here! I really like this serum! It's oil based but leaves my face feeling baby soft and hydrated without feeling greasy! It smells really good too- with all the natural oils. I love that everything is natural and organic- I don't have to worry about the effects on my skin. Shipping was very fast and I'm impressed with service and quality! Highly recommend!!"

"So nice and light, glides on like silk, soaks in quickly, feels amazing! Thanks to Empire Squid I’m an oil on the face convert! Never going back to lotion!"

"I've been buying these products for a few years now and love them - shipping was super quick!"

"Repeat customer of this magical oil blend. This facial oil is amazing! I swear it keeps wrinkles away. My face looks youthful, refreshed, nourished, and even-toned. My skin looks healthy and glows (I've gotten compliments about my skin since using this.) This oil has become a staple to my facial routine."

"I spend a lot of time going back and forth from the coastline to the desert for work. The dry air out there would constantly cause my face and my hands to dry out. I would need to keep a small bit of lotion around to keep my face from cracking. This serum is a game changer. A little bit applied in the morning works all day long. Compared to other oils it very quickly gets absorbed by the skin. I’ve used Empire Squid products for close to a year now and I’ve tried a few different oils. I can’t say I’ve ever tried something I didn’t like, they’re all excellent. Love the smell and the absorption I get from Empire Squid products (including the cologne). You guys are doing great work. Thank you!"

"Soooo soft and silky skin "baby soft" is right! :D"

"I am really impressed by this product. Makes my skin feel great and I was honestly nervous to try something like this from an independent skincare company. Am excited to purchase more when I finish this first bottle."