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Pure, cold pressed and unrefined organic sweet almond oil.

We have two variants of our almond oil. Both are organic, unrefined, and cold pressed. Our Original is the variant we have always carried and has a typically mild almond oil scent, while our new variant from India has a pronounced, splendidly delicious almond scent to it akin to those funky marzipan holiday treats.

Your organic sweet almond oil comes in an amber glass reusable bottle with glass dropper top except for the 8 oz size which will come in an aluminum bottle with screw top. 

Sweet almond oil is truly the work-horse of natural oils when it comes to non-chemical laden cosmetics. Rich in antioxidants and vitamins, this deeply moisturizing oil, appropriate for even the most sensitive skin, can be found in nearly every type of body care product available. This all natural jack of all trades is used as an everyday skin moisturizer, in anti-aging formulas, as a natural baby oil alternative, as a general hair revitalizer and protector, for cuticle care, as a make up remover, and pretty much anything else one can think of. This medium-weight oil is fairly easily absorbed by the skin and appropriate for most skin types though skewed towards those with dry skin.