What we put on our body will be absorbed by our skin and end up in our blood stream, so we feel it's important to use all natural, non-chemically derived ingredients.

The vast majority of our ingredients are certified organic and we use no chemical emulsifiers, colorants, preservatives - no chemical anything in our creations.

We even make sure that no 'hidden' chemical crap surreptitiously creeps in. Unfortunately, too many 'natural' ingredients tend to be chemically derived. For instance, most grape seed oil is processed with hexane, so we sought out a vendor who could supply us with hexane-free, non-chemically derived grape seed oil. It is expensive, but we feel it's worth it.

This same care goes into the sourcing of all of our ingredients. We're adamant about keeping the myriad 'safe' and hidden chemicals that are nearly ubiquitous in most skincare products out of our selection.

We use everything we make on ourselves and our family. So let us treat you like family; Come enjoy some pure and natural skin, bath, and home care creations.

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