Rose is Rose

$ 19.00

Our newest special is a righteously rejuvenating blend of beautiful oils topped off with a good dose of pure rose otto essential oil. We designed this new blend to highlight our newest favorite ingredient (ok, we may have quite a few favorites!): rose otto essential oil, which is quite a wonder-oil known for its profound healing effects on both the skin and spirit. 

Often touted for its skin rejuvenating and anti aging properties, rose otto is really a great all around skin tonic that, depending on the source, helps with just about every skin malady under the sun. Plus it smells amazing - it can take up to 60 roses to create a single drop of rose otto - so you'd expect it to. We've housed this fine essential oil in a blend of rejuvenating and healing facial oils, including rosehip seed oil (hence the name, Rose is Rose), baobab oil (the profoundly anti aging oil from the tree that lives forever), and argan oil (the do everything wonder oil). 

Our Specials will come and go with new creations on the way as we experiment. We'll keep the old ones available even after we've moved on to the next one, in case you decide you can't live without it.

Your Rose is Rose will come in an amber glass bottle with glass dropper top.

Skin Type

This blend is rather balanced and should be appropriate for most skin types unless your skin lies on far extremes of the spectrum. 


Drop a wee bit onto your fingertips and massage your Rose is Rose thoroughly into your facial skin. Use as a daily moisturizer or spot treatment as needed. 

Made from Rosehip Seed Oil* Baobab Oil* Argan Oil* Evening Primrose Oil* Rose Otto Essential Oil, and Vitamin E.   *Organic

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