Tamanu Oil

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Organic tamanu oil: cold pressed and unrefined. 

A gift from the gods bestowed upon you, O mortal one. This gem of an oil is a wonder often used as an anti inflammatory and pain reliever, and for healing all manner of damaged skin from stretch marks, scars, and acne, to cuts, burns, athlete's foot, and eczema: tamanu oil is thought to help with just about any malady that may be ailing you. 

Along with its potent healing abilities, this oil has a potent smell that one can very accurately describe as being 'funky', or along the lines of a 'medicinal brown sugar' scent. You know its got to be good when it smells this bad. Well, maybe 'bad' is overstating it a bit, but be prepared: this intensely nutty smelling syrup ain't no faintly sweet scented apricot kernel oil. This thick, rich, intensely healing oil is typically diluted with other, thinner carrier oils, but can be used straight when preferred.

Available in a 1oz, 2oz, or 4oz amber glass bottle with glass dropper top.