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Create your own calming cloud of contentedness with our Sweet Dreams Medley organic spray. This mild, completely natural essential oil room spray is perfect for adding some calmness to any room of your abode, and gentle enough to spray directly on yourself if you so desire. Scent your bedroom, torso, or bedding with your Sweet Dreams Medley before retiring for the evening as a calming and centering aromatherapy intro into your night's sleep.

Original Sweet Dream Medley has a light orange-lavender waft, which takes center stage of this scent profile, while flowery notes of geranium mingle in the background among the grassy vetiver.

Super Sleeper Sweet Dream Medley uses a slightly different set of essential oils with a more potent punch and a more complex and incredibly addicting scent. This mix has a chamomile tea like waft with a dry earthy touch amidst a background note of flowery, grassy sweetness.

Available in a 4oz glass amber spritzer bottle. 

Original is made from distilled water, witch hazel, lavender essential oil,* sweet orange essential oil* geranium essential oil* vetiver essential oil.     *organic

Super Sleeper is made from distilled water, witch hazel, roman chamomile essential oil, lavender essential oil* sweet orange essential oil* petitgrain essential oil* ylang ylang essential oil, and vetiver essential oil.   *organic

How to use your organic room spray

You should shake your bottle lightly before each spray to ensure the essential oils are evenly dispersed.

Spray throughout any room in your house to lightly scent the air, spray directly on bed sheets and pillows, or spray directly on your body. This spray is light and gentle enough to spray on the skin of your face as well, though those with sensitive skin should use caution, and spraying directly in your eyes should be avoided. Do not use this spray on yourself before going out in the sun as orange essential oil may enhance your skin's photo-sensitivity. This spray does have a very small amount of alcohol, approximately 1%, from the witch hazel extract.

Always test a small section of the material you would like to directly spray to check for discoloration. Although it is highly unlikely that your spray will cause discoloration, you can't be too careful.