Seriously Sore Muscle Blend

$ 24.00

Even when you're feeling seriously sore, you need fret no more. Just rub some of this good stuff in and you'll be back on your feet again.

The pain relieving powers or arnica and rosemary herbal oils are tapped in this Seriously Sore Muscle Massage Oil. Your skin will the love the non-greasy healing prowess of the Hawaiian Kukui Nut Oil base while your muscles relax and become at ease. Choose one of our special essential oil blends to top off the relieving properties of this fine massage oil.

Made from arnica infused olive oil, kukui nut oil, sunflower seed oil* sweet almond oil* rosemary infused olive oil* essential oils, and vitamin e. *certified organic

Available in a 4 oz amber glass bottle with hand pump.

We've created three essential oil blends of muscle pain relief for your choosing pleasure. Choose one from the drop down menu above and see their essential oil specifics below.

Essential Oil Pack Profiles

Minty Blend: This combination of essential oils highlights the fragrance, and healing powers, of peppermint and spearmint essential oils, and thus the scent is quite minty with a touch of woodiness.

Made from rosemary essential oil* peppermint essential oil* lavender essential oil* ho wood essential oil, cedarwood essential oil, and spearmint essential oil*. *certified organic

Sage Blend: The strong, sweetly herbaceous waft of sage essential oil dominates this woody, and somewhat earthy blend of essential oils.

Made from sage essential oil, rosemary essential oil* clary sage essential oil, elemi essential oil, cypress essential oil, and cedarwood essential oil. *certified organic

Grassy Earth Blend: Vetiver essential oil, known for its pain releaving and calming qualities, lends its grassy earth note to the clean scent of grapefruit and the flowering tones of geranium and lavender essential oils in this grassy, earthy blend.

Made from vetiver essential oil*, grapefruit essential oil, geranium essential oil*, lavender essential oil*, and clary sage essential oil. *certified organic

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