Sea Buckthorn Oil

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Pure sea buckthorn fruit oil.

Our oil is from the CO2 (carbon dioxide) extraction of the pulp of the sea buckthorn fruit. This fruit oil is different from the seed oil in that it is rich in Omega 6 and Omega 7 (Palmitoleic) fatty acids as well as Carotenoids. The CO2 extraction of the pulp ensures that the oil is not damaged by heat or contaminated by chemicals.

Please note this oil will leave stain your skin orange when not heavily diluted. The discoloration should fade overnight on most skin types.

This oil is thick with a rich, tropical fruit like scent and deep orange hue which will leave your skin stained orange for some time after direct use. This oil is typically diluted with other oils before using to avoid turning yourself overly orange. However this non-irritating and deeply healing oil can be used directly on your skin, undiluted, when desired. This oil may partially solidify in cooler temps: gently warm to liquefy.

Sea buckthorn oil is incredibly high in vitamin C and E and chock full of important fatty acids and amino acids. The extremely high beta carotene content of this oil is what creates its deep orange hue. This potent oil is often thought to help in aiding with skin healing, has potent anti aging properties, and may be helpful in combating acne issues. 

|| What is CO2 Extraction?

Our sea buckthorn oil is created by combining the fruits of the plant with carbon dioxide in a pressurized environment. At extremely high pressures, carbon dioxide will liquefy (sort of - technically it reaches a supercritical state) and pull the 'oils' from the plant material. Once the pressure is relaxed, the carbon dioxide returns to its gas form and is released leaving only pure sea buckthorn oil.

Available in an amber glass bottle with dropper top.