Raspberry Rose Virgin Butter

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Raspberry Rose Coconut Body Butter - need we say more?

This beautiful virgin coconut organic body butter is made with organic rosehip seed oil and unrefined, cold pressed red raspberry seed oil to bring you a lushly exquisite body buttering experience.

Made from virgin coconut oil* beeswax* red raspberry seed oil, rosehip seed oil* essential oil, and vitamin e   *organic

Essential Oils

This beautiful body butter is perfect just as it is, but we've made some essential oil options available to you in case you're interested.

With no essential oils the scent will simply be from the unrefined oils we use in this mix and it will have a mild note of coconut and sweet fruitiness, possibly with a touch of herbal goodness depending on your nose.

Vanilla Tart is a mix of vanilla CO2 and organic lemon essential oil, which blends amazingly well with the sweet scent of unrefined coconut oil.

Citrus Sage relies on the sweetness of sage paired with a sharp citrus twist of grapefruit along with some rosemary and a hint of lavender.

Lavender is just a dollop of organic lavender essential oil.

Available in either a 4 oz or 8 oz glass jar.