Patchouli, Dark

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Steam distilled, organic patchouli essential oil. Pogostemon cablin

This dark patchouli has an especially deep, earthy, quintessential patchouli scent. Our organic version is a bit less 'ripe' than this new dark version (patchouli tends to deepen and improve with age).

The classic hippy scent also happens to be a fabulous essential oil with some powerful traditional properties. One of those special essential oils that actually improves and develops its scent over time, this warm, musky, earthy oil is traditionally believed to calm and uplift the mind, helping alleviate insomnia and anxiety and is even used by some as an aphrodisiac. On the skin, patchouli oil is traditionally used balance and alleviate overly oily and acne prone skin, rejuvenate aging areas, and sooth and heal damaged, irritated, and even dry skin. 

Your patchouli essential oil comes in a amber glass bottle with reducer top.

|| Essential Oil Safety ||

Please note that essential oils are powerful plant concentrations. They should always be used with caution, kept away from children and animals, and stored in a secure location.

Never use essential oils directly on your skin. Essential oils should be properly diluted in a quality carrier oil before topical application. Direct, undiluted application may lead to irritation and sensitization. 

Do your research before using essential oils while pregnant or nursing.

If you have any questions about using your essential oils please do not hesitate to ask us.