Calming Blend

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Slow down, relax, and let someone else's hands rub the world and its troubles away with our pulse-lowering, anxiety-clearing, relaxation-inducing Calming Blend Massage Oil. We've used an exquisitely synergistic blend of soothing essential oils that's sure to leave you as limp as a jelly fish.

Made from sweet almond oil* camellia seed oil* kukui nut oil, clary sage essential oil, cedarwood essential oil, geranium essential oil* lemon essential oil* atlas cedar essential oil* lavender essential oil* and vitamin E.

Available in a 4oz amber glass bottle with hand pump.

Scent Profile

Imagine yourself lying amongst the tall grasses of a partial clearing in the midst of a densely wooded fairy tale. The sun filters through, lightly warming your skin and the earth and grasses around you. You fall asleep and dream of the earth and the goodness within her womb.

That's what this massage oil smells like.