Jojoba Oil

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100% pure, cold pressed, unrefined, organic jojoba oil.

Typically referred to as an oil, though actually a plant-derived wax, jojoba oil is a profoundly amazing gift from nature. Not only is this incredibly stable oil often used in conjunction with other oils to help extend the overall shelf-life of the mix, but the beneficial properties of this extremely well absorbing, non-greasy oil will work perfectly for nearly any skin care application. Equally helpful for scalp, hair, and skin care products in general, jojoba oil closely matches the skin's own oils and is a natural fungicide, with anti-inflammatory and anit-bacterial properties making it perfect for acne, troubled skin, and healing in general. This powerful moisturizer is a natural emollient that will easily absorb into your skin leaving you feeling soft and nourished. This puppy is a must-have for anyone serious about natural skin care.

Available in either a 1oz, 2oz, or 4oz size amber glass dropper bottle.