Liquid Skin Healing Serum

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Naturally heal your troubled skin with this organic facial healing serum packed with plant oils traditionally known for their regenerative healing properties.

Made from evening primrose oil* rosehip seed oil* tamanu oil* argan oil* hemp seed oil* macadamia nut oil* essential oils, and vitamin E.

Available in either a 1 oz or 2 oz amber glass dropper bottle. 

Essential Oil Packs

Several of the oils in this serum carry their own powerful waft - particularly unrefined tamanu oil with its medicinally nutty scent and unrefined hemp seed oil and its grassy/nutty nose - and these scents will certainly shine through any of the following essential oil packs, to some extent, along with the sweetness of rosehip and argan oil.

Carrot Seed Blend is based on the powerfully regenerative properties of carrot seed oil. This mix will have the characteristically earthy scent of carrot seed essential oil along with the tart, flowery scents of organic geranium and organic lavender essential oils.

Helichrysum Blend is powered by the ultimate of healing essential oils mixed with the threesome of organic lavender, organic geranium, and organic tea tree essential oils. This combo will have a complex earthy, tart, flowery scent.

Neroli Blend relies on the elegant healing power of the bitter orange blossom along with some help from organic frankincense and organic mandarin essential oils. This combo creates a warm, somewhat citrusy and earthy blend of olfactory sensation.

Tea Tree & Lavender is a simple combination of two of the most well known, and powerfully healing essential oils. This mix of organic tea tree oil and organic lavender essential oil will have the strong tart scent of tea tree followed by the sweet flowery waft of lavender.

Suggested Use

Start by patch testing a small section of your skin. We've chosen oils that are typically great for sensitive and easily irritated skin, but it's always best to be prudent as every skin type has their own peculiarities.

After your patch test shows no irritation, drop a smidgen of your Liquid Skin into the palm of your hand or the tips of your fingers and gently rub your oil into your facial skin. Start with just a little and add more if necessary. As with most of our products, a little bit goes a long way.

This serum can be used as a spot treatment or a whole face treatment, but keep in mind that this combination of healing oils will have a heavier skin feel and stronger scent than most of our facial serums.