Nourishing Hair Conditioner

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This threesome of hair oils will certainly please your mane and tame those wild locks of yours. We selected our favorites for you to experiment with on your noggin. A little goes a long way, so smooth some oil on those tresses and find a new love.

We begin with organic camellia oil, an oil derived from a wild flower that grows in Japan. This light, non-greasy natural oil will leave your hair soft without weighing it down. It can be used as a leave in conditioner when applied to damp, cleaned hair. Only a few drops are needed to massage into your scalp and ends to help restore moisture and sheen.

Our second selection is argan, the wonder oil. It certainly is spectacular! It helps combat frizziness and dry ends while adding moisture and shine. This powerful oil penetrates the hair shaft, strengthening it and adding smoothness and luster. As with the Camellia oil, just a few drops will do ya.

Lastly we have organic avocado oil. This bad boy is loaded with vitamins and fatty acids and is a stellar oil to use for deep treatment. Simply smear some avocado oil on your wet head and wrap yourself up in a warm towel and relax for a few minutes. Then rinse and style your beautiful head of hair as usual.

This listing is for three starlets of the natural hair care game in three separate bottles: Organic camellia seed oil; organic, cold pressed, unrefined argan oil; and organic, cold pressed, unrefined avocado oil. Each of your oils will come with a few drops of vitamin E added as a natural preservative in individual glass bottles with glass droppers.


Available in either 0.5 oz or 1 oz amber glass bottles.