Fullers Earth Clay

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Pure Fullers Earth Clay handily packed in a compostable brown paper bag for your clay mask needs. 

Fuller’s Earth clay is an incredibly absorbent clay often used for oily skin and deep detoxification in general. Due to its intensely drawing properties, it is often mixed with other, milder clay so as to minimize possible irritation. Fuller's Earth clay is also often used for skin-lightening and brightening. 

Ingredients: Fullers Earth Clay. 

Clay masks can be very drying to your skin as your naturally occurring facial oils will be drawn out by the clay. You may want to organically rehydrate your face with one of our wonderful facial moisturizers. 

Suggested Use

Mix up to 1-3 tablespoon of your clay with 1-5 tablespoons of your chosen liquid until desired consistency is reached in a non-metallic container with a non-metallic mixing utensil (or your fingers!). Apply a thin layer to your face, avoiding your eyes, and allow to dry for 5-20 minutes; Keep your time shorter for sensitive skin, and go longer for deeper detoxification. Remove your clay mask with a warm, wet paper towel, or simply rinse off with water over your sink, in your shower, or even in your yard with a hose on a warm summer day.

Suggested Liquids to Mix Your Clay With

Apple Cider Vinegar
Aloe Vera Juice
Witch Hazel
Organic Oil 
Rose Hydrosol

Possible Additional Additions

Milk Powder

Mud masks may be irritating to certain skin types. Always do a small patch test before using a new clay on your face or body.