Crazy in the Coconut Organic Bar Soap

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All coconut all the time baby! Coconut oil is what typically gives our vegan bars their bubbly cleansing ability, and we usually add just enough, but for this bodacious bar we went all in with 100% coconut oil (and some lemony essential oil goodness). This results in an incredibly cleansing and bubblicious bar. And while using so much coconut oil can result in an overly drying soaping experience, we've formulated our coconut oil soap to leave your skin happy.

This Bar's Characteristics
Cleansing | High
Scent Intensity | Low to Mild
Bubbles & Lather | Big & Bubbly

Each hand cut soap is between 3.7 - 4.5 oz and 2.5" x 2.5" x 1"

Organic Virgin Coconut Oil, Distilled Water, Sodium Hydroxide Lye (no Lye remains after saponification), and organic lemon essential oil.

Yes! Our Soaps Are
TRULY Handmade by us

Truly Handmade Soap
We personally design and make all of our soaps ourselves using the traditional cold process soap method. Our soaps are not made from pre-purchased bases. Our soaps will vary to some degree from batch to batch and even bar to bar, as is their handmade nature.

Why Lye (Sodium Hydroxide)?
You can't make real soap without lye, however the finished product, the soap you receive, will not have any sodium hydroxide lye in it. When we make your soap, we mix lye with our organic oils and a saponification process ensues which basically (keeping things simple) turns the oils into soap. All of the lye is used up in this reaction, along with most of the oils.

What is Not in our Soap
No Dyes
No Fragrances (we do use pure essential oils)
No Palm Ingredients
No Animal Products
No Parabens
No Preservatives
No Detergents
No Artificial Anything

Just pure soapy goodness!