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Clean all that oil off your face by rubbing a bunch of oil onto your face.

We have four different options for your oil cleansing delights. Match a cleansing oil combo to your skin type (or not) and you're good to go.


There are many ways to cleanse with oils, and if you've already got something in mind, that's great. The following is just a suggestion.

Add a bit of your oil to the palm of your hand (a dropper full should be more than enough) and then gently massage your cleansing oil into your facial skin for a full minute or two, applying your oil to all areas of your face and neck.

At this point you can simply gently rub the oil, makeup, and various facial debris off with a warm clean (emphasis on clean!) washcloth, or you can lay the warm wash cloth over your face for the full cleansing effect. Once the washcloth has cooled a bit, commence rubbing off your oil and debris.

Dry your skin, and, depending on how your face is feeling, remoisturize.

Oily Skin Blend  

made from rosehip seed oil* hemp seed oil* castor oil* rosemary essential oil* and vitamin E.     *certified organic

Oily / Acne Skin Blend

made from hemp seed oil* pumpkin seed oil* castor oil* tea tree essential oil* and vitamin E.     *certified organic  

Normal / Combo Skin Blend 

made from argan oil* jojoba oil* castor oil* lavender essential oil* and vitamin E.     *certified organic

Dry Skin Blend 

made from avocado oil* sweet almond oil* castor oil* chamomile essential oil, and vitamin E.     *certified organic

Available in either a 2 oz or 4 oz amber glass dropper bottle.

Use it or Lose it 

We use completely natural oils with no artificial additives or preservatives and thus the goodness we create has a relatively short shelf-life (kind of the like the food you buy). We use the staying power of vitamin E and essential oils to help protect your concoction, but we suggest you use up your cleansing oil within 6 months, longer if kept refrigerated.