Citrus Rain

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Naturally freshen up your space with this mostly organic essential oil room freshener. We use nothing artificial in your room spray: this fragrance is created wholly by concentrated plant essence. Your Citrus Rain air freshener will brighten up any space with its uplifting citrus note.

Citrus Rain has a light citrus burst with flowery background notes and a slight afterthought of organic nutmeg.

Available in either a 2 oz or 4 oz amber glass spritzer bottle.

Made from distilled water, witch hazel, lavender essential oil* sweet orange essential oil* lemon essential oil* grapefruit essential oil* lime peel essential oil* nutmeg essential oil* and vitamin E.     *certified organic

How to use your organic room spray

You should shake your bottle lightly before each spray to ensure the essential oils are evenly dispersed.

Spray throughout any room in your house to lightly scent the air, spray directly on linens and furniture, or spray directly on your body. Do not use this spray on yourself before going out in the sun as citrus essential oils may enhance your skin's photo-sensitivity. This spray does have a very small amount of alcohol, approximately 2%, from the witch hazel extract.

Always test a small section of the material you would like to directly spray to check for discoloration. Although it is highly unlikely that your spray will cause discoloration, you can't be too careful.