Natural Bubble Bath

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A simple, natural bubble bath without all the funky stuff for you and your children's bubble bathing pleasure. 

Made from coco glucoside, organic vegetable glycerin, organic essential oils. This bubble bath contains no diethanolamides, no lauryl sulfates, no laureth sulfates, no parabens or no phthalates.

Choose your scent (or no scent) from the drop down menu above. All bath scents are made from pure essential oils considered mild enough for children. For infant baths, we recommend no essential oils. Our scented baths will be relatively mild compared to artificially scented commercial bath products. 

We made this bubble bath because our kids like bubbles in their baths but pretty much all commercial bubble baths are full of chemical junk we don't want our children soaking in. 

Creating a completely natural, simple ingredient bubble bath that actually bubbles worth a darn is pretty much impossible, but we're using one of the most gentle surfactants (a surfactant is the stuff that makes the bubbles) you can find. Coco glucoside is completely biodegradable and is derived from renewable raw materials such as coconut oil and corn and fruit sugars. However it is a heavily processed ingredient. 


Squirt some of your bubble bath into the warm stream of water as you fill your tub. The more you squirt, the more bubbly your bath will be. If you need more bubbles after the first round has disappeared, simply add some more warm water to your bath and squirt a bit more into the stream.

Shelf Life

We recommend you use your bubble bath within 8 months of purchase. Avoid allowing water to enter your bubble bath bottle as this will likely result in mold within a week or two since we do not use any synthetic mold inhibitors in our products.