'bois de fleur' Organic Body Spray

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This intoxicating combination of neroli hydrosol and sandalwood essential oil will delight your olfactory senses (as well as anyone you choose to be near to) and we figured this sexy scent deserved an alluring name, so we chose the ultimate romance language for its moniker: envision yourself in a quaint French town while misting yourself seductively with your 'bois de fleur.'

Simply translated, bois de fleur means wood flower. The scent, while a simple combination of two beautiful ingredients, has a strikingly complex and flowery feminine note, with earthy hints from the neroli mixed with the sweet, musky sex-appeal of sustainably harvested sandalwood.

To use, simply spray this organic mist anywhere and everywhere and enjoy.

Available in either a 2 oz or 4 oz amber spritz bottle.

Made from neroli hydrosol and organic sandalwood essential oil.     

Your pure neroli hydrosol and sandalwood blend is a delicate, all natural combination which should be kept away from direct sunlight or major changes in temperature, and should be used within 6 months. You may want to refrigerate your sensual mist to extend its shelf life and assure its freshness.

See what our Amazing Customers are Saying

"Oooh!! I love this!! Woodsy, light and natural, loved the parcel whale stamp too! Thank you!"

"It’s absolutely beautiful and smells better than a synthetic perfume- light floral and woody"

"yummy and delicate - a masterful concoction, thank you!!"

"Subtle scent. Nice and woodsy. Doesn’t overpower. No oil film. Nice"