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This version of our organic beard oil is blended with especially light and quick absorbing natural oils. So if you've been wanting to try some oils on your beard but worried about greasing up your face, you may want to give this puppy a try.

Made from rosehip seed oil* camellia oil* hemp seed oil* grapeseed oil* essential oils, and vitamin E.     *certified organic

Available in either a 2 oz amber dropper bottle or 4 oz amber pump bottle.

Scent Profile - Essential Oil Options

This beard oil will have a fresh, nutty, background scent from the hemp seed oil. This note may be noticeable behind the essential oil pack scent depending on your nose's acuity.

Sage & Spicy: This sagely sweet and spicy mix hits your nose with its herbaceously warm and sugary sage and atlas cedar scents which meld perfectly with the spice-drawer notes of clove and coriander and the deep, slightly tangy splash of lime peel.

Made from the essential oils of coriander seed, organic lime peel, organic clove, organic sage, and organic atlas cedar this blend not only smells great but uses essential oils traditionally known to help deodorize, fight of germs, and help with oily skin and dandruff.

Sandalwood & Lime: This is our most mellow, low key mix combining the dusky perfumed wood scent of sandalwood touched by the deep citrus tang of lime.

Made from the essential oils of sustainable wild harvested Australian sandalwood and organic lime this simple blend melds essential oils traditionally known for their calming, healing, restoring, cleaning, and aphrodisiac properties

Woodsman: This is our take on the classic cedar scent. The woodsy charms of Virginian cedarwood are enveloped by the sweet herbal scent of sage and the tang of lime peel and rosemary while the grounding presence of vetiver and patchouli lurk in the background.

Made from essential oils of organic sage, organic lime peel, Virginian cedar, organic rosemary, patchouli, and organic vetiver this blend offers a manly wooded waft as well traditional essential oil properties known to kill germs, fight acne, and help with oily skin and dandruff.

Healing: This complex scent is a mix of deep grassy earthiness, citrus tang, and the dry dark note of clary sage. An interesting combination that should tantalize the palate; this combination was chosen specifically for the healing and soothing it offers.

Made from the essential oils of organic palmarosa, organic mandarin, patchouli, organic vetiver, and clary sage, this blend is designed to soothe, calm, and heal your irritated mug while helping to disinfect, combat acne and inflammation, and reduce dandruff.

None: With no essential oils your beard oil will have a fresh nutty scent from the hemp seed oil.

Suggested Use

After washing and drying your face and beard, start by rubbing just a dab of your beard oil evenly and deeply into your beard and skin. Rub in more if needed, but keep in mind that your beard will become a bit greasy if more than can be immediately absorbed is used: this extra will eventually absorb into your beard and skin, though it may take a few minutes.

Your beard oil will also be great for your facial skin (or any skin) in general and your hair and scalp as well.

You can also apply a heavy dose in the evening and let it slowly absorb in for a deeper conditioning and moisturizing effect. Your beard oil may stain linens, so consider throwing an old towel over your pillow if you decide to go with a thick evening application.