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Pamper your prickly man mug naturally. Nourish your facial hair and skin with this organic beard oil made from the finest oils and essential oils Mother Nature has to offer.

Made from argan oil* grape seed oil* kukui nut oil, avocado oil* rosemary infused olive oil* essential oils, and vitamin E.

Available in a 4 oz glass amber pump bottle.

Scent Profile

Sage & Spicy: This sagely sweet and spicy mix hits your nose with its herbaceously warm and sugary sage and atlas cedar scents which meld perfectly with the spice-drawer notes of clove and coriander and the deep, slightly tangy splash of lime peel.

Made from the essential oils of coriander seed, organic lime peel, organic clove, organic sage, and organic atlas cedar this blend not only smells great but uses essential oils traditionally known to help deodorize, fight of germs, and help with oily skin and dandruff.

Woodsman: This is our take on the classic cedar scent. The woodsy charms of Virginian cedarwood are enveloped by the sweet herbal scent of sage and the tang of lime peel and rosemary while the grounding presence of vetiver and patchouli lurk in the background.

Made from essential oils of organic sage, organic lime peel, Virginian cedar, organic rosemary, patchouli, and organic vetiver this blend offers a manly wooded waft as well traditional essential oil properties known to kill germs, fight acne, and help with oily skin and dandruff.

None: With no essential oils your beard oil will have a slightly muddy nutty sweet scent from the natural carrier oils used.