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Pure, mineral rich salts in a fancy (kinda) glass jar. No artificial colors. No artificial fragrances. No artificial anything. Dissolve away your troubles as you luxuriate in a hot bath of rich mineral salts and pure essential oils. Your inner squid will thank you.

Made from himalayan salts, dead sea salts, epsom salts, and essential oils.

Your salts are available in a 16oz or 32oz jar (the 16oz jar is pictured above). Please make your selection from the drop down menu above.

Your glass jar of salt will contain the following: Himalayan Salts, Dead Sea Salts, Epsom Salts, and Essential Oils.

Aromatherapy Blend Options

Citrus: This super citrusy blend of organic sweet orange, organic mandarin, grapefruit, and organic lime peel essential oils will lift your spirits while helping you reach a state of calm mental clarity.

Forrest: The aromatherapy qualities of clary sage, cedarwood, organic geranium, organic lemon, organic lavender, and atlas cedar essential oils will help you dissolve away into your bath nearly as completely as the salts you'll be adding. The earthy, moist, and deeply woody scent of this blend will help soothe both your body and soul.

Meadow: This uplifting and calming blend of bergamot, atlas cedar, organic vetiver, and ylang ylang extra essential oils will lift your spirits while relaxing your body. The flowery strength of just a touch of ylang ylang shines through the mellow citrus of bergamot and sweet woodiness of organic atlas cedar, while the grassy lull of vetiver rounds out the scent of this heavenly mix.

See what our Amazing Customers are Saying

"Hands down these are my favorite bath salts! I liked how these salts are fresh with a softer feel. I bought the forrest blend and loved the aroma. I just order meadow and I can't wait to try that one too! Thank you Stephanie for having this wonderful Shop!"

"EmpireSquid's flower's meadow bath salt is pure heaven. It's a perfect ending to a stressful day. The scent is totally intoxicating, so pretty and light. Have used it not only in the bath but, sprinkled some in my home spa foot bath for an added treat. One of my new favorite products. I will definitely repurchase this!"

"Scent: Lavender - O-M-G These bath salts smell A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! Not only that, but the bath salts dissolve nicely and are soooo relaxing. The scent lingers for quite some time afterwards too, which is nice. High quality bath salts, at an affordable price. Definitely a must try item from this shop. Will get more in the future. :)"

"EmpireSquid was extremely helpful and knowledgeable on how to create the best essential oil combination for my husband sore muscles. Cannot beat the care, quality, and service I received from EmpireSquid."

"Purchased this product as a gift and it looks adorable! Cute packing and it came with a great little spoon. It smells a little strong, but that may even out once the appropriate amount is placed in the bathtub. Shipping was very quick!"

"Shipped lightning fast and smells AMAZING even through the paper, can’t wait to try it!"

"Fast shipping! My cousin loved these and said they smell amazing!"

"I have tried these salts in a foot soak. It's like soaking in a magnificently aromatic pool of softening magic. A half hour later, my feet felt properly pampered; the way I would like them to be at all times. So it seems, I will have to use these salts again. With pleasure."

"Always a wonderful experience buying from Empire Squid. Fast shipping and secure packaging ensures my item does not get broken in the mail. Importantly, these bath salts are wonderful! Thank yo so much."

"This was not my first time buying these bath salts from Empire Squid and will not be my last. The forest scent is pleasant and soothing."

"I gave these to my husband last night and he loved them! He said his bath was relaxing and wonderfully scented. Shipped fast and securely."

"I've purchased these bath salts from Empire Squid many times. As always, it was a pleasant experience. Stephanie and Alexander are sweet sellers who ship the product swiftly. The forest scent is delightful and the salts are relaxing and soothing. Thanks again!"

"Full disclosure; I’m writing this as I soak in my custom blend of lavender bergamot bliss! I couldn’t wait to leave a review. It’s that good! I suffer from endometriosis that frequently has be doubling over in unholy pain. Like a gremlin is in a burlap sack that is my pelvis and is angrily trying to escape my body. These soaks are currently subduing aforementioned gremlin. It’s amazing. The smell is wonderful. The shipping was magically fast. The shipping box with it’s squid design made my heart happy. The dissolvable packing peanuts made my conscience happy. SO HAPPY!! Will now be buying more. Thank you so much."

"I love this product! You pick your own scent combination and it comes with a printed label with your scents on it (not handwritten or anything) so it looks very professional and would make a great gift. Afterwards, my bathroom or my skin smelled heavenly."

"I had a lot of helpful correspondence with Stephanie and Alexander to create the essential oil blend I wanted/needed. They were so amazingly helpful, and it really paid off. I ended up choosing a lavender/sage/cedarwood blend and it smells AMAZING. I took a bath with them yesterday, and it was so enjoyable. The scent was relaxing, yet rejuvenating. Thank you, Stephanie and Alexander! You now have a loyal customer."