Anti Aging Wrinkle Free

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Iron yourself out with this anti-aging wrinkle cream blended from a bevy of Mother Nature's most potent anti-aging wonder oils. Your thirsty skin will soak this rich rejuvenating butter up and thank you with suppleness. 

Made from Shea butter* argan oil* beeswax* rosehip seed oil* baobab oil* apricot kernel oil* lavender essential oil* geranium essential oil* ho wood essential oil, rosemary essential oil* and vitamin E   *organic 

Just a dab will do ya with this wonderfully rich healing butter. Rub it around your eyes, the skin around your mouth, or wherever your age is beginning to show more than you'd like. The natural properties of this indulgent butter make it a wonderful moisturizer as well and the oils, butter, and essential oils in this mix should be easy enough on your skin to use as an everyday full-face treatment if you so desire.

Skin Type

This blend is appropriate for most skin types, though it may be a bit heavy for very oily skin. 


You can use your facial butter as a daily moisturizer, evening moisturizing mask, or special treatment for those times you really want to pamper your skin.

Like all of our lotions, this Anti Aging Wrinkle Free is rich and thick, with no evaporating alcohols or quickly dispersing waters. If you're new to our product line start with just a finger-full and rub that puppy in completely: a little bit goes a long way. If you find your skin asking for more after that, by all means dig in.

Scent Profile

This cleanly scented blend wafts gentle flowery notes with a mildly herbaceous undertone.Ingredients

Available in a 2oz or 4oz glass jar.