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Iron yourself out with this anti-aging wrinkle cream blended from a bevy of Mother Nature's most potent anti-aging wonder oils. Your thirsty skin will soak this rich rejuvenating butter up and thank you with suppleness. 

Made from Shea butter* argan oil* beeswax* rosehip seed oil* baobab oil* apricot kernel oil* lavender essential oil* geranium essential oil* ho wood essential oil, rosemary essential oil* and vitamin E   *organic 

Just a dab will do ya with this wonderfully rich healing butter. Rub it around your eyes, the skin around your mouth, or wherever your age is beginning to show more than you'd like. The natural properties of this indulgent butter make it a wonderful moisturizer as well and the oils, butter, and essential oils in this mix should be easy enough on your skin to use as an everyday full-face treatment if you so desire.

Skin Type

This blend is appropriate for most skin types, though it may be a bit heavy for very oily skin. 


You can use your facial butter as a daily moisturizer, evening moisturizing mask, or special treatment for those times you really want to pamper your skin.

Like all of our lotions, this Anti Aging Wrinkle Free is rich and thick, with no evaporating alcohols or quickly dispersing waters. If you're new to our product line start with just a finger-full and rub that puppy in completely: a little bit goes a long way. If you find your skin asking for more after that, by all means dig in.

Scent Profile

This cleanly scented blend wafts gentle flowery notes with a mildly herbaceous undertone.Ingredients

Available in a 2oz or 4oz glass jar.

 See what our Amazing Customers are Saying

"I am 28, and using my mother and other women in my family as guidance maps, I am throwing myself into preventative aging practices. I searched dozens of different face creams before choosing this. I got the sheabutter. It is thick (but that is not a bad thing) and a little bit goes a long way. I do not mind the grainy feel as that is something described prior to purchasing. Once rubbed in the grainy feel dissolves. After use my skin feels very soft. I have been using this for 4 days, and so far my skin feels well moisturized, and I have not had an adverse reaction. I have healthy skin, but have minimal (very hard to notice without self-scrutiny) scarring from bad bouts with acne and poor skin hygiene when I was in my early teens, and I am optimistic that this cream will help improve those areas. I look forward to use over time!"

"I am in a personal crusade to rid the world of cruel, and largely unnecessary, animal testing. This includes trying to get my family to switch over to cruelty free and healthy products. I purchased this super product for my mother and she loves it! This wonderful product is gentle, yet totally effective, and I have her hooked on it. Do not hesitate to purchase this, or any, of Empire Squids superb products. As a bonus, Stephanie and Alexander were just super kind and included not one, but three, lovely Mother's Day cards. Perfect because that was the one part of her present I had not picked up and a total, and very, very kind gesture! Thanks guys for making my gift to my amazing mother so wonderful!"

"Not the first time I've purchased this magical cream, and definitely will not be the last. This time I had mine customized with some organic frankincense oil and boy, oh boy, I'm loving this even more! This face cream definitely evens out my skin and keeps winkles away. I rave about this shop to my family, friends, and on social media (like Instagram). I want everyone to try their product because they're affordable, high quality products (from their oils, to their creams, to their bath salts) that are provided by a shop that provides great customer service, and fast shipping."

"This face cream is amazing. The product is so rich that you only need a wee bit of it. The smell is incredible, and I find that the product last all day. I do not know how they are able to sell this product at the price range. If I am ever stuck fighting zombies during the Zombie Apocalypse, I can always count on this cream and Empire Squid to keep me looking faboulous."

"This is not a cream. It is more like an ointment( think brown Vaseline. ) that said I used it on my face and it is very heavy and greasy. I used it on my very dry areas elbows , knees, etc. it performed well . Update!!!!! I decided to use on my face.. After all I paid good money right? My skin loved it!! After 2 weeks my skin tone had evened out and my face was so soft! I think in the beginning I was applying too heavy. A little does the job. This is a great face product! It is absorbed quickly and has a fresh scent. I give this 5 stars plus!!!!!"

"Really wonderful product. Smells incredible. Sinks well into the skin without too much greasy residue. Love that it has rosehip oil(my fave). So far, so great! Fantastic communication from the owners and fast shipping. Will definitely purchase from the store again."

"I love this cream. I have oily acne prone skin. After doing a little research, I learned that all of these ingredients are good for my skin. I do use it only at night since its more on the greasy side, but that's fine with me, that's when I needed. It smells wonderful, like an Aveda product. I wake up with wonderfully soft skin. The sellers are outstanding! So quick to answer questions. Also they ship SUPER fast, that's always a plus to me because I'm so impatient when I want something. I will be back to this shop again."

"I load this on at night and love it so much."

"I can't even begin to describe how happy I am with this product!! I have mature, dry skin, and when Fall starts to arrive, I always go on the hunt for a moisturizing facial balm that doesn't leave me feeling suffocated yet gives my skin comfort. Till now, I've gotten a ton of overpriced, thick creams that are full of silicones and masquerade as "balms". This year I veered from mainstream brands and took a chance on Etsy...I am SO GLAD I DID!!!! After weeks of pouring over ingredients and formulations, I chose this product from Empire is what I've searched for all these years and more!! My skin is comfortable, soft, supple, and I can even wear this under my makeup. It smells absolutely wonderful which is a huge bonus! I've been telling everyone about this shop and about the product...thank you, Empire Squid!!"

"I just love this company so does my face"

"Amazing products with amazing ingredients! This cream is so awesome, feels great on my face, and moisturizes so well. I have been using it for just a few days and already feel that my skin is happier. So glad I found this shop! Thanks so much!"

"An outstanding face cream with the best texture! My skin drank this like water on scorched earth and it's never felt better. Quality products made with utmost care and love for their customers is why it's a favorite shop of mine!!"

"I really like this face cream. It leaves my face feeling really soft and it gets absorbed rather than sitting on top of my skin. It really is an excellent quality product!! Thank you!!!"

"My FAVORITE night cream! I’ve been using this for the past year or so. It smells heavenly! I can’t wait to get home and wash my face and put this stuff on!"

"I love how this smells! I put this on every night and I can already see an improvement."

"My favorite shop and definitely my holy grail of face moisturizers. THEEEEE best I've ever used and it has garnered me so many compliments of how supple my skin is."

"I have not gotten a bad product from this seller yet - keep trying new things and love them all!!!"

"12/28/16 Love it. My skin feels softer and looks beautiful. Thank you 1/7/17 I have been using this cream for 2 weeks and my skin is clear, I have always had acne problem and this is the 1st time my skin is completely clear. Amazing results! Thanks"

"Excellent product. Love that it was made vegan for me without the beeswax."

"This is by far my favorite formula! I love this shop and this moisturizer is amazing. Thank you so much."

"A little bit goes a long way! Amazed how quickly and easily it is absorbed into the skin, leaving it feel soft and not greasy. Another great product from Empire Squid!"

"This does great for my forehead lines. Great stuff so far."

"I waited to review this cream until I used it for awhile. I Love this product! I am in my 50s and have dry skin. This is very moisturizing without being greasy. Exactly what I was looking for! Thank you!"

"My skin loves this stuff! I wear it every night, it's a little too oily/shiny for me to wear during the day unless I wait for it to soak in. It smells pretty good and a little goes a long way, you only need a tiny bit to cover your face"

"BEST... STUFF... EVERRRRR... My holy grail of skincare and undoubtedly the primary reason I get compliments on my skin. It nurtures, nourishes, and I feel it also protects my skin, especially in the windy cold weather months. Outstanding schtuff, outstanding folks!"

"Good bye fine lines. Another great product from ES. I have dry sensitive skin and too many times my skin has reacted to the harsh chemicals found in most skin care products. I now shop with confidence knowing their entire line contains high quality organic and natural ingredients which are perfect for my skin. I am totally hooked on this shop."

"Thank you so much for this! I knew based on the ingredients this is just what I needed for my dry and extremely sensitive skin. Your service was amazing and your product is top notch. After one week, I notice a visible difference."

"I wish I had taken a before and after picture. This works amazing.i have been using about 3 weeks and see a huge change in my complexion and wrinkles."