Aloe Vera & Witch Hazel

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Our organic witch hazel is wonderful for pretty much all skin types. So if you have skin, it's sure to love this soothing distillate toner. We've combined this beautiful witch hazel with some calming, preservative free aloe vera to produce a simple, soothing, calming toner you'll love for remoisturizing and rebalancing after your facial wash routine.

Made from pure aloe vera juice (preservative free) & organic witch hazel.

Available in either a 4 oz amber glass bottle with spritzer or screw top. 

Add an essential oil from the drop down menu above and we'll put just a few drops in of your selection to give your toner an added boost and wonderful scent.

Organic grapefruit essential oil is especially helpful for oily skin and will help awaken and refresh your senses.

Organic lavender essential oil is great for all skin types and is known for its myriad healing and calming abilities.

Organic rosemary essential oil is appropriate for all skin types, but particularly helpful for oily, acne prone skin as it helps fight off bacteria and infection.


After washing your face, apply as much toner as desired using a clean cotton ball, cloth, or just splash it on.

Your toner can be used in conjunction with any all natural moisturizers: either before or after application.

As there are absolutely no artificial preservatives in your toner, you should use this puppy within 2-3 months - longer if kept in the refrigerator.