$ 19.00

Get your orange on with some divinely rich sea buckthorn berry oil. We've combined this gem with an elite quartet of powerfully anti aging natural oils packed with rare essential fatty acids known for their age defying skin repair prowess and paired these with a synergistic blend of essential oils also highly regarded for their age reversing abilities. 

We've designed this mix as an evening treatment and have two options for your choosing pleasure. The Original version has a light dusting of sea buckthorn that will only leave a very mild and short-lived orangy-ness to your skin (sea buckthorn berry is rich in beta carotene). We double the sea buckthorn in the Extra (Orange Face) version, which will leave your skin with a stronger, nearly Trump-like orange tint (which will fade within 10-60 minutes). 

Your Ageless will come in an amber glass bottle with black treatment pump top.

Ingredients: Baobab Oil* Rosehip Seed Oil* Pomegranate Seed Oil* Argan Oil* Sea Buckthorn Oil, Neroli Essential Oil* Rose Otto Essential Oil, Roman Chamomile Essential Oil, Clary Sage Essential Oil* and Vitamin E.   *Organic

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