Organic, Virgin Pomegranate Oil

This beautifully soothing and calming oil is our newest edition at the SquidLair. You can try this rich, thick oil by itself or find the oil, pressed from 'Nature's Power Fruit,' newly worked into our Face Pamper Soothing Blend or Soothing Serum

Pomegranate oil is often used in anti aging skin care and is considered useful for plumping and revitalizing dry, mature, and weathered skin. Especially high in punicic acid, this soothing oil is thought to have anti inflammatory properties and may be useful in eczema and psoriasis applications and skin repair in general. 

I personally find this oil to be incredibly soothing and perfect for calming red and/or irritated skin. Our completely unrefined pomegranate oil does have a bit of a sweet, fruity scent to it (very similar to our unrefined red raspberry oil) and is very thick and rich. I do find that it absorbs in fairly well, despite its heavy feel.