Liquid Skin Blemish Free for Oily Skin

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Fight oil with oil!

Oily skin is basically an overabundance of the wrong kind of oil - an issue that can be combated by applying the right kind of oil. We've packed this serum with light, non-comedogenic organic and natural oils high in linoleic acid and known for their ability to abate acne issues.

While there is no wonder-cure for acne, as the battle is won through a mix of diet, exercise, and topical treatment, and everyone has their own personal set of contributing factors (which may include wait-it-out hormonal issues, unfortunately), this combination of natural oils and essential oils is what you want to try for your skin application.

Available in either a 1 oz or 2 oz amber glass bottle.

Made from rosehip seed oil* grape seed oil* pumpkin seed oil* kukui nut oil, safflower seed oil* hemp seed oil* essential oils, and vitamin E.     *certified organic

Essential Oil Packs

There are a plethora of essential oils traditionally believed to help with acne and oily skin. We've created a few synergistic combinations that may help enhance the effectiveness of your moisturizer. If you have any questions as to what might be right for you, or if you want something different, just ask.

With no essential oils your Liquid Skin Blemish Free will have a somewhat earthy, slightly sweet and grassy scent from the natural, unrefined oils in the mix.

Patchouli Mix is our most masculine scented combination. Organic vetiver, organic patchouli, and organic atlas cedarwood essential oil combine to create a deeply earthy, musky scent.

Rosemary & Mint is a divinely simple and wonderfully scented mix of organic rosemary essential oil, organic peppermint essential oil, and organic lavender essential oil. This mix will have a minty herbaceous scent with a sweet flowery note from the lavender.

Tea Tree & Lavender uses the two most ubiquitous blemish fighting essential oils. This mix of organic tea tree oil and organic lavender essential oil will have the strong tart scent of tea tree followed by the sweet flowery waft of lavender.

UnOily is a mix of organic petitgrain, organic rosemary, and clary sage essential oil: Three essential oils known for to combat oily skin as well as help with acne. This mix will have a sharp, bitter-earthy scent to it.

Suggested Use

Start by patch testing a small section of your skin. We've chosen oils that are typically great for sensitive and easily irritated skin, but it's always best to be prudent as every skin type has their own peculiarities.

After your patch test shows no irritation, drop a smidgen of your Liquid Skin into the palm of your hand or the tips of your fingers and gently rub your oil into your facial skin. Start with just a little and add more if necessary. As with most of our products, a little bit goes a long way.

This serum also makes a great cooling summer soother when kept in your refrigerator. It'll last longer there too.