Cushy Tushy Diaper Rash Cream

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Butter your baby's poor rashy butt up with this organic diaper rash cream. Soothing, effective, and all natural, your Organic Cushy Tushy is designed to soothe and heal your baby's butt without any of the chemical nasties typically found in diaper rash creams.

Our Organic Cushy Tushy will soothe your baby's behind while creating a powerful moisture barrier so your baby's butt can heal even within the moist confines of her diaper.

We offer two version of our Cushy Tushy Diaper Rash Cream. Our original version which is simple and effective, and Cushy Tushy Diaper Rash Cream Plus Calendula and Plantain which has the added healing and soothing benefits of organic olive oil infused with organic calendula and organic plantain. Make your selection from the drop down menu.

Available in a 8 oz glass jar. 

Original Cushy Tushy Diaper Rash Cream is made from virgin coconut oil* castor oil* beeswax* non nano zinc oxide, essential oil, and vitamin E.     *certified organic

Cushy Tushy Diaper Rash Cream Plus is made from virgin coconut oil* castor oil* beeswax, non nano zinc oxide, calendula infused olive oil* plantain infused olive oil* essential oil, and vitamin E.     *certified organic

Please begin by using just a touch of your butt balm on a small section of your baby's skin to test for averse reactions. Your baby is new to you and the world and her allergies may not yet be known.

Essential Oil Options

Peru balsam essential oil is known for its soothing, healing, and antibacterial properties. We use just a few drops of this essential oil, when selected, to help combat your baby's rash.

Organic lavender essential oil not only smells divine, but is an extremely mild, yet powerful do it all skin healer and protector.

Organic tea tree oil is another mild, yet powerful essential oil known as an antibacterial, antiseptic, anti-fungal, and all around do everything germ eradicator.

And, of course, if you're not comfortable using essential oils on your baby, simply choose "None" from the drop down menu above.

The tips and suggestions above are not meant to replace the advice of your healthcare practitioner. Do not use this balm on badly broken skin. Avoid contact with eyes and this balm should not be ingested.