Mama's Belly Virgin Butter

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This sublimely simple organic belly butter is the perfect natural combination of Mother Nature's goodness to rub on Mother's swelling belly; keeping your glowing skin supple as you stretch to make room for the new love of your life.

We now have two versions of our Virgin Butter Mama's Belly. The Original, and Plus with added Shea, cocoa, and mango butters. 

Original is made from coconut oil* rosehip seed oil* beeswax* argan oil* essential oils* and vitamin E   * organic

Plus is made from coconut oil* rosehip seed oil* beeswax* argan oil* Shea butter* mango butter* cocoa butter* essential oils* and vitamin E   *organic

Available in a 4 oz or 8 oz glass jar.

Essential Oils

We've included several essential oil options for those looking to add some natural healing power to their belly butter. These essential oils are traditionally used to help prevent and treat stretch marks and are widely considered safe for pregnant mama's past their first trimester.

If you are still in your first trimester of pregnancy, you may want to choose the "None" option under "Essential Oils" and/or research what's best for you.

All of the essential oil options for this butter are organic.