Face Pamper Soothing Blend

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This version of our Face Pamper line is designed to soothe even the most irritable facial derma. This blend features a bevy of fine, cold pressed natural oils and calming essential oils to help your facial skin find a more zen like state of being.

Ingredients: unrefined shea butter* apricot kernel oil* pomegranate seed oil* rosehip seed oil* red raspberry seed oil, beeswax* calendula infused olive oil* frankincense essential oil* palmarosa essential oil* geranium essential oil* and vitamin e.

Available in either a 2 oz or 4 oz glass jar.

Like all of our lotions, this Face Pamper is rich and thick, with no evaporating alcohols or quickly dispersing waters. If you're new to our product line, start with just a finger-full and rub that puppy in completely: a little bit goes a long way. If you find your skin asking for more after that, by all means dig in.