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Our Organic Baby Face Light uses some of Mother Nature's greatest gifts to skin care. Featuring organic argan, rosehip, evening primrose, and pumpkin seed oils, this deeply moisturizing, organic blend uses natural oils and essential oils that are traditionally believed to restore and maintain youthful radiance, smooth out fine lines and wrinkles, and reduce scarring.

This beautiful blend of amazing organic oils is designed to help you get just a bit closer to that initial state of skin perfection: the baby face.

This is a lighter, quicker absorbing version of our original Baby Face Organic Moisturizer. 

Made from rosehip seed oil* argan oil* pumpkin seed oil* evening primrose oil* kukui nut oil, palmarosa essential oil* geranium essential oil* ho wood essential oil, clary sage essential oil, lavender essential oil* and vitamin e.

Available in either a 1 oz or 2 oz amber glass dropper bottle.

See what our Amazing Customers are Saying

"Omg I love this thing!!! My skin feels so soft and clean!!!!"

"Love this serum! Wrinkles melt away and my skin has never looked better. Love ALL the Empire Squid products I have tried! You have a loyal customer here! <3"

"Based on the advice of another reviewer I ordered Baby Face and Baby Face Light for night and day, respectively. It's been such a game changer. My skin is already so much softer and happier. The Baby Face Light smells AMAZING. I plan on making this a regular purchase, though I have no doubt that my current stock will last a while. A little really does go a long way."

"I love their products! I originally got the original Baby Face formula, but the oils were a little too much for my sensitive skin. The Baby Face Light is PERFECT!"

"This is MAGIC. i always had a lot of acne on my back and around the hair area, most of the blemishes desapear after 1 day. I apply it in the mornings and nights and it doesnt leave your sking oily. I use 4 drops for my face,around the eyes, neck and upper back also use it on my hands and the tip of my hair. Everything looks amazing."

"I LOVE this oil so much I just got the light version to wear in the daytime. My skin craves this now and it’s my favorite part of my face care regimen. The results have been truly amazing!"

"Repeat customer here! Can't say enough good things about this moisturizer, I really really love it. Thanks Empiresquid, I will definitely be back for more :)"

"This absorbs very well giving my 65 + skin a nice moisturized look. I use this in the morning and BabyFace Anti Aging at night. No more facial lotions for me!"

"I have never found a moisturizer that I liked before now. Usually moisturizers make my face feel sticky and/oily. I opted for the light version and I really like it. My face feels smooth but not oily! And definitely not sticky. Great product."

"This stuff is magic. My sensitive acne prone skin loves it and I can really feel a difference in the texture of my skin. Seems like it’ll take me a while to go through my bottle but will definitely be repurchasing when I do!"

"I LOVE this oil! One day without it and my skin is screaming for it."

"I got this a few days ago and I love how soft it makes my face! I have really sensitive skin so I’m always a little hesitant with new products but this is amazing."

"This is wonderful, helping with my fine lines and does NOT break me out - even with my sensitive skin!"

"LOVE LOVE LOVE. Will purchase again! It leaves my face so smooth and has UNBELIEVABLY cleared up breakouts."