Rosewater & Facial Oil Combo

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Facial Bliss - that's what you're sure to achieve with this special combo package deal that will save you some dough and leave your skin radiantly moisturized. This perfectly divine organic skincare combination of our pure, organic rosewater spritz along with one of our fine organic face moisturizers makes a great gift for yourself (you know you deserve it!) or someone you love.

Your rosewater spritz will come without essential oils and your moisturizer will come with its original essential oil pack (Healing Serum will come with Carrot Seed Blend, and Blemish Free will come with Tea Tree & Lavender). 

Below you will find brief descriptions of your facial oil choices.

|| Baby Face

Our Organic Baby Face uses some of Mother Nature's greatest gifts to skin care. Featuring organic argan, rosehip, evening primrose, and pumpkin seed oils, this deeply moisturizing, organic blend uses natural oils and essential oils that are traditionally believed to restore and maintain youthful radiance, smooth out fine lines and wrinkles, and reduce scarring.

This beautiful blend of amazing organic oils is designed to help you get just a bit closer to that initial state of skin perfection: the baby face.

|| Baby Face Light

Nearly the same as the Baby Face above, but with a few tweaks to make it an especially light-weight facial oil.

|| Blemish Free

Fight oil with oil! 

Oily skin is basically an overabundance of the wrong kind of oil - an issue that can be combated by applying the right kind of oil. We've packed this serum with light, non-comedogenic organic and natural oils high in linoleic acid and known for their ability to abate acne issues. 

|| Healing Serum

Designed to heal and renew damaged skin, this is our heaviest and 'stinkiest' facial application. We packed this with a barrage of healing oils to get the job done either as a spot application, or a whole face treatment. 

|| Moisture Rich

Your EmpireSquid Organics Liquid Skin Moisture Rich Face Oil is made almost entirely from certified organic oils that easily penetrate and absorb into your skin to heal and moisturize the delicate epidermis layers of your face without leaving a thick, oily residue. This facial serum is designed to solve the problem of tired, dry facial skin in a light, grease-free and easily absorbed package of impressive natural oils.

|| Soothing Serum

This Organic Soothing Serum is made from natural oils that are known for the calming, soothing, healing effect they have on the skin. This amazing combination, which is one of our new favorites, is a little thicker than some of our quick absorbing, lighter facial oils, but your skin will love the deeply soothing penetration of these non-greasy, yet heavily moisturizing and nourishing oils.