Face Pamper Rosehip Blend

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Sometimes you really need to splurge on your face and reward the flesh that is your avatar to the corporeal world with some extra special care. For those times we bring you Face Pamper. This rich facial butter gets its deep orange hue from the copious amounts of certified organic rose hip seed oil we generously mix into this face cream. Rosehip seed oil is possibly nature's greatest gift to skin care, and your face deserves some pampering through its healing, moisturizing, and nourishing buttery goodness.

This completely natural moisturizer is designed for all skin types. However, it is a thick and rich facial butter with a little bit going a long way. Use a thin layer of your Face Food in the mornings as an all-day moisturizer or apply liberally in the evenings as a leave-in mask.

Ingredients: unrefined shea butter* rosehip seed oil* argan oil* beeswax* grape seed oil* pomegranate seed oil* palmarosa essential oil* geranium essential oil* lavender essential oil* ho wood essential oil, and vitamin e.   *organic

Available in a 2 oz or 4 oz glass jar.