Life Guard Organic Sunscreen with Zinc Oxide

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Remember when life guards had white gloppy paste smeared all over their noses? Yeah, well, neither do we, but we've seen pictures of it. That was zinc oxide, an inorganic substance that harmlessly sits atop your skin and helps absorb and block harmful UV rays. Our Life Guard Organic Sunscreen uses that same burn-saving substance, but we've formulated it in such a way that it rubs in easily, and nearly completely, leaving no greasy-residue, and only just faintly lightening your skin tone a bit (when selecting "Original" zinc oxide level).

Made from unrefined shea butter* macadamia nut oil* virgin coconut oil* non nano zinc oxide, beeswax* lavender essential oil* peppermint essential oil* and vitamin e.     *certified organic

While our best guestimate as to the equivalent SPF protection your Life Guard Organic Sunscreen will provide is somewhere in the 15-25 range for "original" and in the 20-35 range for "extra protection," please note that we have not laboratory tested this sunscreen, and that we make no warranties or guarantees regarding its exact SPF rating. Always use caution and common sense when spending extended periods of time under the sun, regardless of what you use to protect yourself.

Available in an 8oz glass jar.