Orange Blossom's Repose Blend

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This orange perfumery blend will lull your senses into euphoria while arousing inner feelings of beauty with its flowery citrus sweetness.

Made from apricot kernel oil* camellia seed oil* sunflower oil* sweet orange essential oil* ylang ylang essential oil, amyris essential oil* and vitamin E.

Available in a 4oz amber glass bottle with hand pump.

Your massage oil is formulated to give you just enough slip to help your hands glide across the skin, while still allowing for a nice warmth build up from the friction between hands and body.

All citrus essential oils are believed to cause some degree of sunlight sensitivity. While sweet orange is considered by many to be only very mildly sun-sensitizing, if at all, we still suggest you use prudence when when using your massage oil and avoid direct sunlight on your oiled parts until the essential oil has completely absorbed into your skin.

Scent Profile

The powerfully sweet floral tang of ylang ylang blends perfectly with the fresh citrus scent of sweet orange to bring you a perfume-like massage oil reminiscent of becoming lost in the bowels of a tropical lily.