Sun Shade Natural UV Inhibitor

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This beautifully simple face oil is designed to moisturize your skin while providing a fair amount of natural, chemical-free sun protection. This puppy should not only help block UV rays, but will also nourish and moisturize your skin with naturally beneficial oils.

Made from red raspberry seed oil, jojoba oil* macadamia nut oil* hazelnut oil, lavender essential oil* peppermint essential oil* and vitamin e.     *certified organic

Red raspberry seed oil is an amazingly rich natural nourisher which has an equivalent SPF in the 28-50 range (this seems to be based on a single study). Hazelnut oil is a delectably light, easily absorbed oil believed to confer an SPF of about 10 while macadamia nut oil is believed to provide an SPF of about 5.

Available in a 2 oz amber glass bottle with glass dropper or 4 oz amber glass bottle with hand pump.

Essential Oils

Minty Lavender is a beautiful combination of organic lavender essential oil and organic peppermint essential oil which are both known to soothe and heal sun damaged skin.

Carrot Seed is a simple dose of steam distilled carrot seed essential oil which is believed to a powerful UV inhibitor itself. Carrot seed will add a pronounced earthy scent to your Sun Shade.