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Pure rose otto essential oil diluted in organic jojoba oil: Rosa damascena

In a 5ml glass bottle.

Rose oil is just amazing stuff known for its profound healing effects on both the skin and spirit. 

Often extolled for its skin rejuvenating and anti aging properties, rose otto is really a great all around healing skin booster. It's a powerful antibacterial that can be quite helpful for acne issues, can bring balance to both oily, dry, and combination skin, is thought to help heal and diminish scar tissue, and is known for its calming anti-inflamatory properties, among other things. 

Rose oil is spiritually grounding and uplifting and often used to help fight depression and anxiety, relieve issues associated with menstruation, and even boost the libido. Rose otto is a pretty incredible essential oil both for the skin and spirit: plus it smells amazing - it can take up to 60 freshly picked roses to create a single drop of rose otto - so you'd expect it to.

We've held quite a few rose ottos under our nose over the years, and this beauty from Turkey is simply the best we've come across. Perhaps a bit less complex than some other versions of Rosa damascena, the scent of this beauty is such a fresh, straightforward, pure rose aroma that we simply can't resist it. 

This listing is for a 5ml amber glass bottle of rose otto essential oil diluted in organic jojoba oil - choose your dilution strength from the drop down menu. We use organic, cold pressed jojoba that has been deodorized without the use of chemicals. 

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Rose otto vs Rose absolute

Rose otto is a true essential oil, made from the steam distillation of millions of freshly picked rose petals. Rose absolute is typically a bit more affordable and is made by mixing rose petals with a solvent, typically hexane or toluene, to extract the oil. Whereas rose absolute is fine for perfumery, rose otto is a pure essential oil suitable for skin care and aromatherapy as well as natural perfumery. 

We don't carry, nor do we use any absolute essential oils in our shop. 

Solidification in Cool Temperatures

Rose otto essential oil may begin to solidify at temperatures below ~75 degrees F. Simply allow the oil to warm up to room temperature to liquefy, or warm the bottle within the palms of your hands. 

Essential Oil Safety

Please note that essential oils are powerful plant concentrations. They should always be used with caution, kept away from children and animals, and stored in a secure location.

Never use essential oils directly on your skin. Essential oils should be properly diluted in a quality carrier oil before topical application. Direct, undiluted application may lead to irritation and sensitization. 

Do your research before using essential oils while pregnant or nursing.

If you have any questions about using your essential oils please do not hesitate to ask us.