Organic Cocoa Butter, Deodorized

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100% pure, organic cocoa butter wafers. Pure prime pressed, deodorized, fair trade organic cocoa butter wafers.

Your organic cocoa wafers will come in a compostable lined brown bag. These deodorized wafers will still carry a bit of a chocolate scent, though it will be much less intense than our unrefined cocoa wafers.

Cocoa butter is an amazingly powerful emollient, rich in antioxidants, and known for its deeply soothing and healing properties.

Cocoa butter is a very firm butter: considerably firmer than Shea butter and somewhat firmer than mango butter. While quite firm, these wafers will gradually melt when exposed to your skin's warmth (and perhaps some rubbing), and can be used, as is, as tiny lotion bars or tossed into your bath as mini bath melts. And of course, you can melt them down, add some more organic goodness, and create whatever you fancy with them as well. Each wafer is slightly larger than a quarter and approximately 6 wafers will make a tablespoon.

Please note that these wafers may melt in transit during hotter times of the year. This will turn your wafers into a large cocoa butter mass. This will in no way harm your cocoa butter, but they may not get to you in their convenient wafer state. For this reason your wafers will be shipped inside a sealed plastic baggie, inside a brown bag, during warmer months to prevent spillage.