Fuller's Earth and Bentonite with Organic Herbs Acne & Oily Skin Mask

$ 17.00

Suck your face dry with some super absorbent Fuller's Earth Clay. Perhaps the most absorbent of your typical facial mask clays, Fuller's Earth Clay is great for oily skin and may help alleviate acne issues. This clay is so absorbently intense, we've decided to tone it down a bit by adding a touch of bentonite clay.

We've mixed in some organic plantain leaf powder and organic lemongrass powder to make your mask the most perfect oil drying, skin tightening, acne busting muddy facial you can find.

Essential Oil Options

Original: Organic petitgrain essential oil, organic frankincense essential oil, and organic tea tree essential oil. Three powerful essential oils traditionally thought to help with acne prone skin.

Organic Lavender Essential Oil: The do it all essential oil - powerful, yet soothingly mild.

Organic Lemongrass Essential Oil: A hefty cleansing and astringent essential oil known for its antibacterial, antiseptic, and fungicidal properties.

Organic Tea Tree Essential Oil: This potent essential oil is a powerful cleanser that's easy on the skin.

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